Refrain: The Original Songs

As those of you who frequent this site may remember, the new project (now officially called “Refrain”), is a movie about - among other things - music.

Music is a huge source of inspiration for me as well as being one of life’s little mysteries since I, myself, have the musical dexterity of lobster. So with that, music is very much at the core of Refrain and as such, my partner (Vidya) and I made sure to get a head-start on the soundtrack. It’s completely backward way of working for me, but I’ll tell you; it’s great. In the deepest, darkest hours of self-doubt about going balls-out and producing another independent feature film, it’s nothing short of adrenalizing to put the demo soundtrack to your movie on the speakers to remind you of what you’re working toward.

So this week, I’m happy to bring you all a little taste.

Now I hate MySpace just as much as everybody else who’s too-cool-to-be-on-myspace but apparently they still host music well, so I’ve taken my self-righteousness and sucked it up.

You can hear a pre-production track from the movie at

And check out the Refrain film page in its infancy at

Link to us, friend us, post us, do whatever it is MySpacers do. I’m giving this a try.

More on casting next week.


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