Minushi Online

So some of you may have noticed that recently Minushi has been returning to the little screen. One every week for the past fifteen weeks, in fact, I’ve been releasing video versions along side the Flash versions of Minushi’s chapters on Revver.com as well as other video portals.

I’ve always maintained that the entire 19 chapters of Minushi would eventually be released online and I expect to fulfill that promise four weeks from now.

It feels really good to be wrapping up this project. It also feels pretty good to see that releasing the chapters online doesn’t seem to be hurting DVD sales. I’m glad to see that there are viewers out there who can appreciate the enhancement to the viewing experience that the feature length version of Minushi has to offer.

At another time I would probably have posted 500 words on just what a miserable affair it’s been getting the very image and sound intensive Flash files exported properly of online delivery… But I’m in happy place today…


3 Responses to “Minushi Online”

  1. JeremyAlexander Says:

    Love Minushi and I plan on buying the DVD as soon as I get more money. But i do have one question and do not know if you have answered it already, but if you have could you explain this again.

    Why was this story called Minushi?

    Thanks, and congrats on the success!

  2. Tyler Says:

    Ah the eternal question…

    The answer to that qestion is and will remain the privilege of those faithful Minushians who actually do purchase the DVD set!


  3. JeremyAlexander Says:

    Which I am About to do considering I would like to know the answer :)
    My guess is it has something to do with khals necklace that Mr. Tinker wants but thats just a guess.