Well that was fun while it lasted, but I’m back from my writing hiatus (contrary to the way it sounds, that’s a hiatus during which I write). In fact I drive out to the country and isolate myself in a somewhat Stephen King’s Misery fashion… The plan was to go up there and empty the proverbial well of ideas somewhat but un/fortunately I was struck with a brand new idea on the drive up and just wrote that instead. Will it be the next production? No idea.

So that’s in a drawer fermenting for the next two weeks while I get reacquainted with the Refrain promotional plan. And heading up that plan at the moment is more back-end on the Refrain Side Project (more soon) and of course the film festival strategy. In fact, I just read this article Independent Magazine article by filmmaker Paul Devlin about his thoughts on film festival strategy. I don’t mind saying that his thoughts line up with mine nearly to eye to eye on this.

No video log this week again because I’m far too furry to get in front of the camera. I’d just look out of focus.


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