(Vote of) Confidence

I like to think I’m the type of person who isn’t swayed by public opinion. I don’t really care what others think, or say. And for the most part I can procure hard evidence to this effect; my wardrobe for example… I am none the less aware that in squeezing and clawing my way up the echelon of the entertainment business that the approval of others - strangers in particular - can be quite validating.

But I guess that’s the business isn’t it? Sure, sure, art for art’s sake sounds great over wine and cheese and bullshit but filmmakers do what they do to have their films seen don’t they? The approval of others - of strangers - is a pretty important part of the package.

I’m not recommending that you hang on the whims and opinions of the masses or even the select few. But sometimes I think it’s alright to just enjoy a little vote of confidence.

One Response to “(Vote of) Confidence”

  1. Wade Says:

    Congratulations! Have a great festival!

    And yes (in regards to your previous entry), we’re reading :-)