Good People

I went to a bit of concert the other night - a musical performance, small, casual but ultimately very well executed. I went in order to support some of the musicians who were performing, musicians I’ve come to know and respect not only for their skills but for who they are as people.

Good people.

Behind the scenes here Vidya (actress, musician - Refrain) and I have been putting together some refangled recordings of the songs from Refrain and in doing so we’ve met some great musicians who have agreed to help us out. Now their reasons for doing this is their own but to me, they will always be considered good people for coming on board. Lending their time and their talents to our little project.

Same goes for the musicians involved in what has become known around here as the Refrain Side Project (more on that soon…).

Good people.

These are the people you need around you. From the very beginning, one year ago when we started casting for Refrain it was the good people who got involved - from our cast through to people who offered up locations - that made things work.

I know this all sounds kind of  obvious. But I bring it up because I think it’s easy when you’re struggling to get your project made to fall victim to the lure of the opposite of good people. People who may try to exploit you. I’ve been fortunate enough - or perhaps wary enough - not to have let this happen but I can see how it could. So I say, hold out for the good people. They are out there.

And of course, be a good person too. It will be noted and remembered.

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