New Website & New Music

I once heard about this thing called a “vakayshun” - not sure if I’ve got the spelling right - but the concept sounded pretty radical. Anyway, I’m sure why that’s on my mind, I’ve just been so pretty busy.

Busy doing what, Tyler?

I’m glad you asked.

Refrain has a brand new website and it didn’t build itself.

Also, Vidya and I have been hard at work on a complete re-recording and revamping of all the songs from Refrain. It took a while, there may have been some severe ear-bleeding involved, but I think we got exactly what we set out to get. You can hear the new versions of the tracks on the new website as well as on the Refrain MySpace music page.

There’s also a new song that we’ve never released before called “Quiet Storm” that rocks the casbah. Well maybe not the casbah, but it’s a toe tapper.

So I’ll break things down here for the record:

You’ve got your music from the movie.

Your re-vamped “studio” editions of the songs from the movie.

And coming shortly, your covers/reinventions of the songs from the movie a.k.a. the Refrain Side Project.

So much music. So very tired.

On the plus side, the weather is beautiful around Montreal this summer. Overcast and chilly. Very easy to work in.

Side Project is coming next so stay tuned for free music!


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