Exploit Me

There’s a drawback to being prolific. And to blogging late at night when you really should just shut up and go to sleep before you say something that sounds like a backdoor compliment. As if this form of public self-aggrandizement wasn’t bad enough to begin with…

Where was I?

Being prolific. Doing too much. Covering too many bases. Each new project alienating the last audience you worked so hard to build up. Going from fart jokes to anime - but not even real anime - then from that to a live action tear-jerking drama… How are people supposed to trust you?

And not just the viewers, or listeners, or readers; the people you want to work with. Doing a recent interview for Refrain when the question of “what’s next?” came up, I came to the sudden realization that I will undoubtedly write more scripts than I will ever be able to producer myself in my lifetime. I already have enough stockpiled to last me a decade if I continue to go at it alone. So I need to offload these things. Enough pussy-footing around it, I need to be exploited. Used. But here’s the thing: I’m not entirely sure that the people who could use someone like me (people with means and ends) trust me.

No one trusts a guy selling a bit of everything. No, you want something done well you go to a specialist. One guy, who’s got one thing, one idea that he’s going to champion until his dying breath. And if it turns out to be a dud that doesn’t matter because you just move on - it was his dying breath not yours. You’ve got a dozen completed feature film scripts sitting in a drawer waiting to be shot? Psh! How good could they all be!

That’s exactly what I would say. Maybe I should be more open-minded. But this business seems to be far too full of opportunistic hunters. Scavengers. Charlatans. It’s hard to distinguish yourself from them in the minds of others.

The tragedy of stalking along in the fringe wastes of show business is that gradually you start to understand and sympathize with practices you generally came up despising such as nepotism, cronyism. It’s all about trust isn’t it?

Ha! I’m screwed.

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