The question is always what’s next?

I bet the minute those guys who faked the moon landing got back someone asked them “so, what’s next?”

And it’s a valid question. It’s nice to glance over your shoulder every once in a while and see how far you’ve come but mostly that kind of retrospection is best left to your subconscious and the writer of your obituary. The question of what’s next? is really the forward thinking way to go.

For most career oriented humans I would imagine what’s next? is a pretty straightforward setup. Like climbing a mountain, what’s next is whatever’s going to get you closer to the top. But to those of us cursed with the creative drive it’s a little less like climbing a mountain and a little more like trying to chase a squirrel across a lawn. The path is a little less obvious.

What I’m trying to say is there may come a time when you feel you’ve chased every whim you’ve ever had and that maybe you need more of a calculated course. You need to move things up a little, not just side to side. You need to escalate.

I recently decided to postpone shooting a new feature project. A new no-budget, balls-out, flying by the seat of my pants feature. I was almost set to go but there was something weighing on my mind. It was the question of what’s next? The easy answer was: This new feature project, that’s what! But that’s only window dressing. The real question of what’s next? goes beyond that. It asks: What would I be bringing to this project that I haven’t done before? What would make this project a bigger success than anything I’ve done previously?

Escalation. You’ve got to have it.

It sounds a bit megalomaniacal, I know, but that’s not what I’m getting at. I’m just saying, if you don’t up the challenge every time then all you’re really doing is working on an assembly line. So I’m reassessing. Re-figuring.

And that doesn’t mean I won’t chase the occasional squirrel just to keep my senses sharp. But there’s a mountain top out there with my name on it.

God, I wish I worked on an assembly line.

One Response to “Escalation”

  1. Thor Says:


    As an artists (or compulsive creative) it’s good to change your medium every once in a while. You are obviously versatile, why not put out another didgeridoo album? The last one rocked! (where’s the link?) Fortunately I suffer severely from ADD so I change everything every 20 minutes. It keep me fresh, frustrated and unsatisfied.

    Keep creating!