C’mon Fuji!

I’ve just been going through spindle after spindle of DVD-Rs testing things out for the Refrain DVD and I’ve got to tell you - I’ve got a pretty sizable coaster collection at this point.

Have you bought a blank DVD-R these days? What’s going on with this industry? I’m calling you out Fuji! I don’t like to point fingers but c’mon! And don’t look so smug Memorex. You either Virbatum… I may have switched over brands but I’m not unpacking my bags.

Where is the love? Where has the craftsmanship gone? Is hardcopy media so far gone now that these manufacturers just don’t care anymore? I remember when DVD-Rs where made by men. Handcrafted by artisans of a bygone era… I remember when you had to go out and mine the bauxite yourself, haul it to the aluminum refinery, polish the disks by hand… Those were the days. You knew what you were getting. A 1x write speed and desktop burner the size of a car battery.

For shame…

It’s been a long day. But don’t worry! I’ll make sure the Refrain DVDs are encoded by hand. I’ll do it myself with a magnifying glass and a needle.

Welcome to the party VOD.

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