Lion & Gazelle

One of my personal motivational exercises is to make public announcements about upcoming projects slightly before I’m comfortable doing so. Being highly susceptible to the solvency of shame this normally lights the required fire under my beaker.

The last time I did this - in the form of a casting call - jumping the gun finally backfired on me as the project had to be postponed.

For this last reason I’ve been holding back a little bit on some recent news, but what the hell, right? See, I was recently able to pair myself with someone who’s passion for producing matches my own for creating (and I use those terms interchangeably). We’ve been working on a new project. And it would seem that this producer and I have managed to secure the first step toward financing our film. This first step comes courtesy Telefilm Canada. Bless socialism. I promise to do our tax dollars proud.

The project is called Lion & Gazelle.

That’s all you get for now

So there it is. Consider the fire lit.

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