I heard a funny story once about a small community in Wales that needed to post a road sign. They wanted to post the sign in both English and Welsh. To this end they sent the English text to a translator via email. The text went: “No entry for heavy vehicles. Residential site only.”

The town council immediately received an email in response from the Welsh translator. They copied the translated text and had their road sign erected. Soon after they learned that what their sign read was:

“No entry for heavy vehicles. Residential site only,” in English.

Followed by:

“I am currently out of the office. Please send any text that needs translating,” in Welsh.

Now that’s funny.

The reason I was recently reminded of this story was that I’ve been working on a new Refrain trailer and I just found a typo in some text I was including in it. The text in question is a snippet from one of Refrain’s glowing reviews. The text had been copied from the DVD artwork which is a pain because now that’s got to be changed. And the DVD artwork was copied from the website, which also had to be corrected. And the website text was, you guessed it, copy and pasted directly from the website where the review originated…

This was all less funny to me than the Welsh sign.

I’ve read this text a gazillion times over the past few months and simply never noticed the typo. I would surely have spotted it however, if not for the handiest of handy computer features, the ol’ copy/paste. Mark my words: Memories of Y2K have faded quickly my friends but one day… One day copy/paste will doom us all.

So yeah. Refrain DVD in revamp mode. New trailer coming in the new year. Get your lips revving, we’re going to need some of that good old fashioned word of mouth in the next few months.

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