Top Ten Months of 2009

In no particular order of importance:

10: January - The year ahead looks hopeful. Just waiting around for all the film festivals to start beating down Refrains door. Even developing a feature project with a couple producers.

9: February - Got invited to be a guest speaker at a local college, that was cool. Started Building new things, recognition for old ones, not bad at all.

8: March - Refrain not the festival darling I was hoping for. Feature project that I was developing crumbles. Gun in my mouth but no money left for bullets. Shot short film Straightforward instead of myself. Gotta keep the juices flowing.

7: April - Refrain accepted into World Film Fest. Finger off the trigger.

6: July - After a couple months buried in desk work, finally started launching all the amazing Refrain and Side Project music. Also began work on Lion & Gazelle and met producer.

5: August - Press, press, press. Promoting Refrain like a carnival hustler and finally our disastrous festival screenings. Disastrous for technical reasons despite which the audiences loved it. Vindication.

4: September - Rest and - oddly enough - job offers for unrelated work.

3: October - Producer wants to apply for development funding for Lion & Gazelle. I’ve been here before so, whatever… Prepping Refrain for DVD/VOD distribution. But most important, it’s mushroom season.

2: November - Holy crap we got into the Telefilm program. Also shot a music video.

1: December - Telefilm workshop nearly kills my poor delicate, introverted self but it’s great to be working on a new movie. Time to eat sugar and fat and catch up on sleep. Next year’s going to be doozy.

Happy holidays everyone. Let’s each make something cool in 2010.

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