Minushi Now on VOD

Been a while since I’ve had any Minushi news but here goes!

Remember that animated feature film I spent most of my twenties - starved of sunlight - making? Well now you can watch the feature cut right now!* On your computer! Or your TV depending on whether or not you’ve got the right doodads or doodhickeys set up. Or in the near future one of those iPad thingys unless Apple makes that a pain the ass to do.

Minushi is now available through Amazon’s Video On Demand (a.k.a. VOD) service. ‘Bout time, right? Best of all - for you, not me - if you want to be a cheapskate you can simply rent it! Nice right? It’s like $2.50 or something ridiculous like that. So what the hell am I going to do with the box of DVDs in the trunk of my car?

Anyway, if you’ve been following this weblog long enough to know what Minushi is then you deserve it, cheapo!

While I’m on the subject, the Minushi Double DVD Set is still available of course and it ships anywhere on planet Earth.

Is this the final word on Minushi after all these years? Until Jerry Bruckheimer calls to option the live-action film rights, then yes, my dear devoted Minushians, I believe it is.

*This is the really crap part: Amazon VOD is currently available to US residents only. Amazon is aware of my feelings on the matter so please be my guest and add your complaints to the pile here.

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