Refrain Out on March 9th

Hey, who’s tired?

I’ve been in promo mode this week to get the word out about Refrain’s DVD/VOD release now slated for Tuesday, March 9th. I could - and eventually probably will - do an enormous post just about trying to promote a film on your own. It’s not a lot of fun but it’s got to get done.

So yup. That’s the date. Just around the corner really. And what you’ll be getting with your purchase is an all regions, NTSC disk (in the case of the DVD) with a full colour, full wrap jewel case. The disk’s got a few extras including a deleted scene, cast interviews and a commentary track from both lead actress/composer Vidya Lutchman and myself. Did I forget anything? English subtitles as well.

Did I mention my fatigue?

So that’s it. March 9th. The icing on the cake. I’ll post details here including what vendor to use to get the best price on shipping (in the case of DVDs).

What an age we live in.

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