Refrain Now On Sale!

Making truly independent film and music is a struggle. We don’t do it for glory because there is no glory. We don’t do it for money because there is no money. We do it because, at our core, we have to.

And we do it with the hope that what we create will add value to the lives of those who hold our success or failure in their hands: You, the audience.

“Independent” film and music does depend on one thing. It depends on the audience. It depends on you, the culturally curious, to help spread the word. Refrain is now available on DVD and VOD (Video on Demand). Support the struggle by seeing our movie, hearing our music and passing it along.

And of course, let me know what you think! Feedback is also very important.

Our eStore!

CLICK TO WATCH The Video On Demand (VOD) at: (US/International)’s Video on Demand (US only)

DVD shipping costs vary from distributor to distributor depending on your location so I suggest you shop around for the best option from the choices above.

Here’s what you get with your order: NTSC, All Regions DVD, Colour, 2.0 Audio, English Subtitles. Extras include: Commentary track from Writer/Director Tyler Gibb & Actress/Composer Vidya Lutchman, deleted footage, cast interviews and more.

Don’t forget also that all the music from the movie as well as the music from our Side Project is available for free to download at our website.

Below is a new trailer I put together just for the DVD release. I truly hope you will be touched by Refrain.

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