Tweeting Out The Good Stuff

Once upon a time (on the internet) it took a bit of effort to get the thoughts from your brain out to the fickle masses. Now it can be done faster than you can say retraction. For the consumer of this material this means two things where entertainment, in its broadest sense, is concerned: On the bright side, a wellspring of content. On the not so bright side, the other 99.9% of the internet.

But for a purveyor of entertainment, in the broadest sense, the new expedience of this medium recently brought to mind a question. Blasphemous as it may sound, I think that Twitter posts and Facebook status updates can sometimes (albeit rarely) contain as much power and value as the single moral that might lay buried deep within the pages of a book or the frames of a feature film. Take it easy Twitter, don’t get excited, you’re far from breaking new ground on this. The tightly bound truism of a memorable proverb or the artful efficiency of a Japanese haiku has been around for centuries. The difference now is the ubiquity and as I eluded to at the top; the instantaneousness of it all.

And it’s that instantaneousness that brought about my recent question. Should I be tweeting out the good stuff?

I mean, as a writer - as a cultivator of ideas - should I be using these instant thought-to-web tools thereby circumventing their incubation period in my brain? If I’m writing a comedy I’m going to need material. But if I tweet out every hilarious joke or observation that I make (to myself) ten times a day will I be draining my own supply.

Is my brain a renewable resource of entertainment?

During my darker days I may worry that it’s not. But after letting the question incubate in the ol’ noggin for a while I’ve decided that in fact it is. Having a venue where one can instantly reach the fickle masses with one’s writing is a pretty good way to sharpen those skills. The more you output the more you need to work that grey matter to create new ideas, new content. So, I say, yes to tweeting out the good stuff! Yes to keeping the idea nuggets flowing!

For other people, that is.

I’m not big twitterer myself…

… It would be really great if I had something clever to say in under 140 characters to cap this whole thing off…


Damn it.

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