Sam & Jim go to Haven

Many moons ago I stumbled upon a podcast. An unabridged, lo-fi and hopelessly honest podcast by a pair of restaurateurs from Minnesota who moved to Hollywood with the dream of being paid to write. Earlier this month, the SyFy channel (US) and Showcase here in Canada premiered Haven.

Haven is a supernatural series based on a Stephen King novel and executive produced (that’s TV speak for written & created by) by a pair of restaurateurs from Minnesota; Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn.

The Sam & Jim Go To Hollywood podcast ( contains hours of material that charts the rise of two writers for better and worse in real time. This isn’t revisionist history, or a biography; it’s a real account, spanning years, of the trials and tribulations by these guys learning as they go. What’s more, it’s full of useful insights on the industry and tips for writers by guys who went balls out to achieve their dream and succeeded.


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