Finally! Can we all get back to work soon? No more patchy schedules, no more Out Of Office Auto-Replies…

Maybe it’s just an independent, freelance thing, but summer is such a drag where business is concerned.

Don’t get me wrong, I get vacationing. I get that if you work a job you don’t entirely love to afford to do the things you do love then you probably want some respite.

But why would anybody in the entertainment industry - at any level - want to get away from it? There is nothing easy about pursuing a career in the arts so you kinda havta love it. So why would you want time off from that?

I’m just saying.

I’m glad we can all get back at it.

(I know, this is kind of a weak post but cut a guy some slack… I’m on vacation. Well, what? Everybody else is. It’s not even Labour Day - hang loose, square.)

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