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A few months ago I was sitting at my desk, minding my own business, when the world started listing to the right. I caught myself just before hitting the floor. Fortunately I hadn’t fainted nor was it an inner ear infection; my office chair had just snapped off at the stem.

This did not fit into my schedule. I quickly replaced the wreck with what was available to me, a wicker chair from the living room. It did the trick. For a while.

See, I’ve learned to read the signals. My body’s signals. If my left eye starts to twitch, it means I’m starting to stress a deadline. If my stomach gets queasy it means I’m starting to stress a deadline. If I can’t seem to fall asleep it means I’m starting to stress a deadline. However, if my back starts to get chronically sore for no apparent reason, it often means there’s something wrong with my chair…

Turns out Ol’ Wicker was starting to see some stress of its own. It seems that over the past few months that I’ve been planted in its seat, the wicker chair’s legs have been splaying outward like Bambi on the frozen pond. The result was that the chair was incrementally sinking lower and my back was incrementally getting more sore.

I’ve learned from achy experience that it can take as little as an inch of height disparity between your chair desk to completely destroy your back.

So Ol’ Wicker is back, recuperating from its service, in the living room and I’m breaking in a brand new office chair. We’re still getting to know each other but with a little time and Young Officy’s pneumatic height cylinder, I think we’ll get there. I certainly feel like I’m finally getting the support I need at any rate.

You’ve got to have those day to day things in order for everything else to fall into place.

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