Working on a brand new script this past week. And why not? You can never have enough unproduced scripts clogging up your harddrive, right?

Drawing up  the outline for this project I started thinking about rhythm. Becoming more deliberately aware of it. I guess it’s been alive in my thoughts these days as I wander between disciplines; songwriting, scriptwriting and illustrating. Finding the rhythm of what I’m working on seems to be an essential part of the preliminary process.

Vidya was working with her band the other day and I could hear them fleshing out the arrangement of a new song. They were quite literally trying to find its rhythm. The other week I was doing some illustrating and as I worked I was searching for balance in the drawings, pattern, a rhythm. And this past week, with this new outline, I jotted down the story - going from notes to setting up a structure - creating place-holder scenes even though I wasn’t quite sure what they were going to be yet. I knew they had to be there in order to maintain the story’s pace, its rhythm.  There’s a reason the term “beat” applies to scriptwriting. I like to try to get that rhythm right when the story is still in its early stages, before things get complicated with detail.

It’s a universal thing, rhythm. It’s that indefinable quality that keeps everything running smoothly. And we, the audience, know instinctively when it’s off, no matter what the medium.

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