Just doing some home improvements around the old homestead here. Here being Not the actual homestead. It’s January and -15 out, gimme a break.

Apparently, while I was off(line) building a healthy career in traditional media, Flash became the scourge of the internet. Who knew? Not me. I just recently found out. Now it’s all HTML5 this and you’re-not-smart-enough-to-code-things-yourself-anymore that.

Anyway. I’m happy to say that is now all spiffed up with the latest the web has to offer in streamlined efficiency… Until otherwise pointed out to me.

And it feels pretty good. It’s in keeping with my goal this year. To streamline. To operate with more precision than ever before.

Flash content has started to get a bad rap online because it causes your computer to lag. It’s too heavy. It bogs down your CPU so it can’t operate efficiently. Or so I’m told. Personally, I tend to work very efficiently myself. Or so I’m told. Perhaps as a result I find myself with a lot of projects that are starting to pile up. Not pile up in a bad way. Just pile up in an I’ve moved on to another opportunity without fully exploring this project’s possibilities way. As a result, I’m feeling a bit like Flash is running my work life. Things are starting to lag. Operate less efficiently. So this year will be about cleaning house. Tapping every project to its limit and if it fails to advance to a satisfactory level, to permanently retire it.


By the end of the year, I’ll either have a dumpster full of stories or a few new irons on the fire that I can call my own.

And yes, Mankind #3 gets worked on in every spare moment I have. Gonna go work on it now, as a matter of fact. Because why should I get a Sunday night off? Huh? Why? God… You’re insatiable.

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