The Success of Others

My mom sends me links to news articles. So does yours - c’mon. She used to clip out newspaper articles and leave them on the kitchen table for me. But she’s tech savvy now. Anyway, the latest tidbit of entertainment information that Mom deemed worthy of my attention was about a successful writer who’s living the Canadian writer’s dream; working in the US.

I kindly replied to her email that it’s always nice to read about the success of others.

Mom immediately took the tone of my email to be sarcastic. That my reply was me lashing out with cantankerous envy. And I can see how that’s a reaction that may arise. But it wasn’t, on my part. I thought it was genuinely great to hear about the success of others who share your pursuit.

There’s so much rejection; so much unrelenting defeat in this industry that hearing that someone else has actually hit the target for which they were aiming is - if nothing else - a comforting reminder. A reminder that what you’re after is not impossible. It’s also a nice reminder to take a look at your own accomplishments and remember that for every one of you there are a dozen more yous out there who are reading your story and thinking the same thing. That if a cantankerous jerk so sarcastic that even his mother assumes the worst can do this, so can they.

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