There are two kinds of currency in the entertainment business. Credit and, well, currency. You can have all the talent and a bucket load more but sadly, it will mean nothing to the business end of the business without either of these.

This is because people with money for investing in something as precarious as the film business tend to not want to make such an investment without the (perception) of security. As such, it seems very rare that any effort is ever made to move forward with something as unbolstered as an unrepresented spec script. The most lowly respected yet fundamental of all entertainment commodities.

Lowly respected, that is, to people with no balls. And that’s because, it takes balls to pick up a simple story - with no celebrity attachments, no development financing, no endorsements of any kind, and see its potential. The balls to be unencumbered by the concerns of others. The confidence in one’s own achievements to trust one’s gut. The balls to be a champion for the script and trust that sometimes greatness is found where you least expect it. The self-assurance in saying yes to something rather than passing on it out of fear of damaging the status quo of one’s own career. The balls to be able to boldly seek out material rather than dwell in complacent wait of the recommendations of others or to follow the whims of the herd.

Balls aren’t a measure of how much risk someone’s willing to take, their a measure of how confident they are in themselves.

I love balls.

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