I finish things that I start. Always have. It’s not at all a principle thing. I just don’t know any other way.

Sometimes, in the interest of keeping the focus on one thing, this has meant putting off things like chores, or other projects, or having a social life… Or a career…

Anyway the point is, I like to finish things.

At this time, for probably a whole whack of reasons that I’m not going get long-winded about right now, I  happen to have a lot of little yet time consuming projects going on simultaneously. And I want to finish some of them. I want conclusions. Not because I’m having trouble multi-focusing - I’m actually quite adept at that; it comes from a lifetime of driving with my knees while eating take out and changing the cassette in the tape deck*. No, I’m looking to smack a period on some things right now because there’s more I’d like to do.

*You heard me.

I don’t usually have so many lengthy projects on the go at once. It’s not even a boredom thing; I just want to see some of these things tied off.

So yeah. Apparently, I just blog my inane thoughts now with no redeeming lesson whatsoever.

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