Yeah. I know. What happened? I know. I took a little hiatus there didn’t I? Or, more precisely, I’m taking a little hiatus from the ol’ weblog.

It’s nothing personal– It’s not you! It’s me.

When I started posting, lo those many years ago, it was mostly to answer publicly all the questions about my work that I would get in private emails from other animators and filmmakers. Sort of an FAQ to cut down on the redundancy. That was mostly during the Minushi days and on through Refrain. And since my focus of late has become much more about writing, it’s a little less interesting to yack on about stuff that’s so behind the scenes.

So that’s where we’re at my fine, fellow internodes. Hiatus. From the blog. Until further notice.

When you think of me - and you will think of me - picture a duck calmly crossing a serene lake. It won’t look like much is happening on the surface. But underneath… Oh, underneath…

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