Tylr On Tumblr

Loyal subscriber to my blog! Long time no post!

Nearly two years ago I kind of hung up my blogging boots. I was doing far less “producing” of film and online content at the time. Far less interesting stuff to blog about. I shifted my interests. As those of you who know me may recollect, I tend to do that.

Turns out what I’ve shifted my attention to has become very interesting after all. Two things in fact. Screenwriting and pre-production previsualization / illustration. Eventually, I suspect, one of those two pursuits will take precedence over the other. But until then, I’m gonna wear these two hats.

And I’ve decided to once again yack about it like an idiot on social media! Unfortunately this old blog is somewhat bogged down by spam and my own limitations as a website admin. So I’m taking my new stab at online chatter to Tumblr: tylergibb.tumblr.com

Thus, this will be the final post on this old tylergibb.com blog. The archive of posts will live on here indefinitely. For posterity. For the tragically bored.

Thanks for reading and see you out there!


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