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"Refrain" Film Inspires Collaborative Musical Companion Project

The Refrain Side Project is a growing collection of songs by various artists dedicated to spreading a message of non-violence through new music.

MONTREAL, QC - Aug 06, 2009 -- Nearly a dozen original songs were written for the independent Canadian film Refrain; a narrative about the struggle to make music. With the project completed and set to premiere at the 2009 World Film Festival, lyricist and producer, Tyler Gibb, was struck with a novel idea: To turn the songs over to independent musicians, themselves facing the struggle to be heard, for their re-interpretations.

"The artists were simply told: Here are the songs, find one that inspires you and do what you want to it. You can straight-up cover it or completely re-invent it. We really want to explore the evolution of songs through collaboration," said Gibb of the Refrain Side Project. The resulting collection of music has been released online for free streaming and download at: http://tylergibb.com/refrain/sideproject/index.html

Though it began with invitations to local musicians in Montreal, the Refrain Side Project is now open to submissions by anyone and everyone who is moved enough by the music of Refrain and its message of non-violence.

For additional information about Refrain or the Refrain Side Project, contact Mak Faene (below).

ABOUT REFRAIN: Refrain, directed by Tyler Gibb, 2009, 104 minutes, Canada, English. Synopsis: Refrain is a dramatic narrative that follows the musical awakening of a young woman bound in an abusive relationship. Cast: Vidya Lutchman, Brad Carmichael, Rachelle Néron, Mark Waters, Vikki Wong.

ABOUT THE REFRAIN SIDE PROJECT: The Side Project is an open-source musical project open to all musicians. All resulting songs are made available for free to the public without editorial bias via the Refrain web site at http://tylergibb.com/refrain/sideproject/index.html

ABOUT TYLER GIBB: Tyler Gibb's irreverent and prolific short animations have garnered viewership around the world. His 2007 animated feature, Minushi, premiered at Montreal's Fantasia Film Festival. Refrain marks Gibb's first official move into live-action, long-form, narrative.


Mak Faene
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