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Interviews & Reviews

Sterling Review
"Newcomer Vidya Lutchman holds the screen as a passive woman in an abusive relationship with a damaged boyfriend (Brad Carmichael) who too gradually weans herself from it through the power of music. This no-budget domestic drama is a solid, well-scored first feature by Web artist Tyler Gibb, and a sterling calling card for a future in film." - John Griffin Montreal Gazette.

Drama made for a song [read]
Tyler Gibb tells a story of salvation through music with a tight budget but no end of dedication. Article by John Griffin.

Bittersweet Music [read]
"The film transcends its no-budget roots with a taut shooting and editing style and understated but powerful performances." Review and interview by Malcolm Fraser, Montreal Mirror.

New Voice [read (french article)]
"Refrain is built of silences that speak volumes, and interspersed with songs that express an incredible range of emotions." - Natalia Wysocka, 24heures Montreal.

MWFF'09 Review: Refrain [read]
"One of the finest English-language Montréal independent productions in recent years." - Andrés Canella, Cinestrata

An e-nterview with Tyler Gibb [read]
Film blogger Andrés Canella of Midnight Poutine quizzes Tyler about Refrain, the Side Project and much more.

Montreal Weekend Playlist Podcast [listen]
Podcaster Jeremy Morris talks up the film and the Refrain Side Project and plays some music from Refrain.

Tyler Gibb talks all things Refrain on CKUT's UpStage
(click to play - 12:59)
Estelle Rosen host of UpStage, Montreal's theatre on radio show, speaks with director Tyler Gibb about the inception of Refrain and its continued evolution into the open source Side Project. Click here for CKUT 90.3 FM.

Refrain and the Refrain Side Project on CBC Daybreak Montreal
(click to play - 03:44)
Arts journalist Jeanette Kelly presents the Refrain Side Project, including clips from the movie, the Side Project and an interview with director Tyler Gibb. Click here for CBC Daybreak Montreal.

Songwriting for Film [read]
Multi-platinum recorded songwriter and educator Andrea Stolpe interviews Tyler Gibb about music and movies.

Press Releases

Refrain DVD/VOD Launch Party in Montreal [read]
Clips and a live musical performance by Refrain's Vidya Lutchman and her band.

Refrain premiere at Montreal's World Film Festival August 28th [read]
Three screenings are scheduled from August 28th to 30th.

Film Inspires Collaborative Musical Companion Project [read]
The Refrain Side Project is a collection of songs by various artists dedicated to spreading a message of non-violence.

New Website and New Music [read]
Refrain gets a new website which includes new recordings of the songs from the film.

Refrain Selected by World Film Festival [read]
Refrain, a feature about music and conjugal violence will screen at the Montreal World Film Festival this summer. Click here for Montreal World Film Festival.

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