Why Hair?

hair When I made my announcement videos last month a more shocking revelation to some than the fact that the Minushi DVD was finally released was perhaps the mop on top of my head.

Well maybe not shocking - let’s say perceivably different from my earlier video appearances. At any rate I wouldn’t bring it up unless it had a direct relation to making moving pictures, and it does:

When you’re trying to make a go of independent entertainment (whether its film, music, etc) your biggest obstacle is going to be finances so you cut costs wherever you can. Hair is a cost… So I’ve been it - myself for the past ten years actually. Anyway, shaving it clean off was simply the fastest method of getting things done in the past so that I could get back to the business at hand… However! These days I find myself stepping into the live-action arena - on both sides of the camera - which leads to the mop top:

In a second.

Yeah, live-action. Don’t get me wrong, I love animation, but four-years to make nine-minutes of footage? Alone? Hey, I’m not getting any younger, kids. So yeah, I’m still thinking animation but I’m also entering a new realm. I’ve written six feature screenplays in the past year - many more shorts as well and its time for action.


So I’m going to be launching into production this year (in fact I’ve already begun) and as always, I want to take you all along for the ride. The first step will be to get some short movies under my belt - I call this step the learning curve. Put myself in as many production situations as I can and just see what happens. Call it a video sketchbook. Which brings us back to the hair:

As I did with Minushi, I will likely find myself performing in many of these short movies and since I don’t have an animated facade to hide behind this time around, I need to prepare myself. Whereas with a blank sheet of paper you add, with the hirsute male you subtract. I think that to the filmmaker on a budget hair can be great source of characterization and as an actor you need enough of it to be able to shape into whatever the role calls for. And as it’s faster to cut off into the look you want than it is to grow it into place, I’ve become shaggy in wait for whatever role I take on next.


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