My Name is Tyler Gibb

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2010 - I’m currently writing and developing a couple feature films including one in association with Telefilm Canada. Prior to this I made a live-action feature film called Refrain which premiered at the 2009 World Film Festival. Between 2003 and 2007 I produced an animated movie which I called Minushi. I drew it by hand. Minushi premiered at the Fantasia Film Festival. Before all that, I used to make silly short cartoons under the banner of my website They have been viewed by millions (even prior to YouTube), licensed by AtomFilms, Vivendi, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and Carsey-Werner Productions for ABC Television. also helped launch the National Lampoon Humor Network in 2006 and has successfully wasted hundreds of thousands of man-hours the world over for over a decade.

Why blog?
I am making every effort to keep this weblog updated regularly for three reasons. Firstly, because a writer should write. Secondly, to keep the curious informed of my current endeavours. And finally to share my filmmaking experiences. During many years of motion picture storytelling in various forms I’ve received hundreds of emails asking about my techniques. I have answered all of them and will continue to do so. Notwithstanding this I thought a public log of miscellaneous tips and thoughts may also be helpful to those of like mind who - for reasons still mysterious to me - believe I have some wisdom to impart.

To contact me just mail my first name + the name of this website.

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Drama made for a song - “Tyler Gibb tells a story of salvation through music with a tight budget but no end of dedication.” - John Griffin, Montreal Gazette

Bittersweet Music - “… a taut shooting and editing style and understated but powerful performances.” - Malcolm Fraser, Montreal Mirror.

New Voice - “Refrain is built of silences that speak volumes, and interspersed with songs that express an incredible range of emotions.” - Natalia Wysocka, 24heures Montreal

MWFF’09 Review: Refrain - “One the finest English-language Montréal independent productions…” - Andrés Canella, Cinestrata

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