The Great Big Emptiness

I’m giving it a name. And tentatively that name is The Great Big Emptiness.

There’ll be more soon. Lots more. But sufficed to say this week I’ve been learning about “shooting scripts” and “production schedules” - things that didn’t have much relevance in the life of a solo animator.

So what is The Great Big Emptiness? Well it’s going to be a bit of a departure from Minushi, that’s sure enough… It’s going to have music, and drama, tears and blood and music. Did I mention music?

As I said, more to come. I want to make this as transparent a process as possible so that you can come along the production journey of Emptiness. But so far that journey hasn’t really even reached the foothills. It’s little more than words on a page; and a couple camera tests… But soon.

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