Round Peg, Square Hole

So we (me and the rag tag band of Refrain crew members I’ve been able to coax into being) held a casting session in Montreal last week. My first official casting session ever, I should add. And wow, who knew there were this many talented actors in this city?

I went in thinking, well, this’ll be easy enough; who ever sucks least is our guy or gal.

Yikes. Was I wrong. Facing the decision of choosing who is going to embody the characters you’ve begun creating is nothing short of heartbreaking! And worst of all every thought on the subject falls into a hackneyed cliche of “you’re all beautiful” or “you’re great, just not great for this part.”

Anyway, that’s the way things go. It seems like when you try to find that embodiment of your characters in live humans it’s always going to lead to a reshaping of the character and in the end you just try to make that reshaping as low impact as possible. So if I’ve got anything to say to aspiring actors (and frankly anyone in a creative profession that requires some kind of audition) it is that it’s not the peg it’s the hole. And I’m not just talking about being on this side of the casting process; I’ve been on the other side myself in various situations: whether it’s trying to sell a script, pitch a concept or even audition to play a role. Bringing all you can is all you can do, the rest is out of your hands and really has nothing to with the quality of your performance.

Sometimes you’re just going to be 5.11 when the script called for 5.10.

So in the other news, shooting has already begun on Refrain! Not with our yet to be finalized cast, but some stuff I could get away with starting on this past weekend. All very exciting.


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