State of the Human Address

Wow, that last post was a bit of a rant, wasn’t it?

Told myself I wasn’t going to let it come to that on this here little cordoned off section of the internet but I guess it got away from me last week.

And as I may have eluded to… Jeez, nearly four months ago (what?!) … Sometimes it does get away from me while waiting for the phone to ring or performing whatever mindless crap I have to perform in order to go about melding with the industry around me.

So I thought I might bring things home again to the general purpose of this venue and give you all a little TG state of the union. So, in the form of some atrocious run-on sentence, here goes:

All that optimistic shit from back in December has since evaporated like the snowbank outside my soon to be former apartment window. But that’s how it goes. Who am I to question it.

This month’s optimistic shit includes the following: One feature film project for which I have a dedicated producer now has a team of enthusiastic crew surrounding it and we’re poised and ready for some form of financing to wander by that we can seize it by the throat. A second feature film project which I wrote many years ago and which somehow clawed it’s way back onto the radar is making it’s way through the ranks of Hollywood producers right now so that’s kinda cool in a “hey look, I’m about to get molested by Hollywood producers” kind of way. And perhaps inspired by the latter proceeding or the fact that I’m soon going to be responsible for a mortgage I’ve started writing bigger. What’s writing bigger? It’s writing stuff that I know I can’t just pick up and shoot on my own (though I’ll probably continue to do that anyway) because the budget would be in the tens of millions of dollars. To that end I’ve just written a 37 page treatment for a blockbuster film about terrorism which has about as much chance of getting made as my name not appearing on an FBI watchlist for all the research I’ve been doing lately on bomb making. And last night I couldn’t sleep so I was up writing the pilot to a television series that apparently, like everything else at the moment, I’m writing on spec. Then there’s that thing I don’t want to tell you about yet and another thing that I’m really not ready to tell you about yet either.

Alright a hint. A hint because it’s good of you to still be coming here and reading this after all these years:

I’ve been drawing again. And these aren’t your daddy’s old Minushi drawings.

More soon.

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