Minushi in 5.1 Surround

If there were a Minushi DVD in the works - and again, I can’t promise there is, because to promise it and then have it not happen would be just plain mean - but if there were; then today I might imagine I would be remixing Minushi’s soundtrack for 5.1 Surround Sound.

As with most things that I find befuddling until I actually dive in and try to figure out on my own, 5.1 sound seemed to me like it would require a studio at Skywalker Ranch to achieve. But in the same way one might, say, make a feature length animated movie on their laptop, mixing 5.1 is actually no great mystery. It’s kind of tricky working backwards from an already mixed 2.0 stereo soundtrack but I think the result will be worth the trouble… If, in theory, there were to be a Minushi DVD.

Fortunately all of Minushi’s sound effects were always created with a full spectrum of 16bit 44.1kHz sounds to begin with despite being originally destined for it’s low bandwidth online delivery. But you haven’t really heard Minushi until you’ve heard a Giant’s foot come down in a room equipped with a subwoofer on a DVD with a LFE channel. So if you’re working on your own project and its a web project, don’t limit yourself to compressed files, always think big because hey, you never know what you’ll be applying those files to one day.

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