Making a DVD

So with the Minushi DVD finally out I thought I’d give just a little bit of what I had to think about a few months ago when I was in production of the master.

I knew nothing about DVD authoring when I set out - but then, I knew nothing about making an animated feature in the first place so this was a pretty normal state of mind. I taught myself how to use DVD Studio Pro which is a fantastic program by the way. After using it all I want to do now is make DVDs!

Anyway, its pretty easy to figure out (as long as you’ve got the manual to help you along) and the result - as you’ll see when you pop your very own Minushi disk out of its case - is nothing short of professional. As long as you have the raw assets going in.

I’ve posted previously about mixing 5.1 Surround Sound which was easy to implement using the authoring software as were subtitles. My only regret is that under the time crunch I was facing I couldn’t get some subtitles in other languages added. Subtitles can be time consuming so if you’ve got any plans to add them to your project, make sure you give yourself ample time.


When it came to packaging I initially started writing up a little synopsis for the rear cover, close-cutting my little Fantasia Film Festival laurels and so on when it dawned on me: “This is your DVD.” Why would I need to dress it up like some Hollywood blockbuster? The only reason DVD covers look like they do is because they’re designed to be fighting for rackspace with another hundred titles. With Minushi being sold exclusively online, what do I care about cluttering up my packaging with synopsis, laurels, acclaims or even the title? Very liberating. So I stripped it down to the bare essentials. Minushi’s fans, after all, would know what they were getting, so why be redundant about it?

So that’s a little about the thought process that went into making the DVD. At the end of the day, it’s a DIY finish to a DIY project, I love it.


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