Sober Second Thought

Hey, Tyler, what have you been working on these days, anyway?

Oh, me? Well, lots actually, thanks for asking.

Been doing a lot of illustrating as a matter of fact, but more on that another time. What I’ve been doing in recent days is some video work, more on that another time as well. What I did want to reflect on here, today, was related to that video work though, which is why I brought it up.

A year ago I shot a demo of sorts for a proposed video series (moreonthatanothertime!). It didn’t turn out great. Producing the documentary form has never been what I gravitate towards and this project was in that genre. But a year later, here we are, and the project has gotten a second wind. And what’s been great is that everything is so clear this time around. Going in a little half-cocked the first time around allowed us to dabble, to try things, to see what worked and moreover, what didn’t. I know, this sounds obvious - I’ve basically just described the principle of trial and error - but I suppose I’m just excited. The project is really coming together this time around. And it was something I’d basically given up on.

Nothing’s ever really dead.

That’s something I’m starting realize about this domain. Sometimes it takes a while longer to get there but if nothing else, at least that gives ideas time to marinate.

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