Apt topic for this delayed weekly log post…

What can I say, I’ve been busy and to make matters worse, I’ve recently discovered the art of deep-frying at home… Which, let me tell you, is dangerous business. Did you know you can deep-fry just about anything and it will be delicious? It’s true. Dangerous, dangerous business.

So a couple weeks ago I was yammering on about letting things cool to gain some time to reflect on them. More recently I’ve bore witness to the dark, flip side of that kind of time and space away from a project - not in my own work fortunately - but it was a stark reminder none the less. The issue was that of momentum.

Sometimes time away - especially forced time away - slows things down. Especially in situations where personal relationships are concerned, and, don’t fool yourself, in creative industries it always gets personal… Because everybody’s so damn touchy wouchy feely weely and that makes pragmatists want to throw up.

Anyway, momentum, it’s important once a project has reached that critical mass. Once all the sober-second-thoughting has been dealt with. Once people have consolidated in their minds (especially on indie, no budget productions) that this project of which they are a part, has merit and that they must devote more and more of their time to it. You’ve got to keep things moving at that point. If things start to lag; if those that are volunteering are given too much time to stray, then the wheels start to wobble. And before you know it you’re in a ditch.

Giving you plenty of timeĀ  to contemplate how to keep that momentum going the next time.

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